Water Based Screen Printing: For Garments that Feel as Good as They Look.

If you’re looking for a custom apparel design option that creates light, soft garments with sharp design details, water based screen printing is an ideal choice. This method uses ink that soaks directly into the fabric of a garment rather than sitting on top as plastisol ink does. This results in a printed design that has a soft hand – meaning the design is soft to the touch – and last much longer without fading or cracking from repeated washes.

The only limitation you face in water based screen printing? These thinner water based inks don’t show up very well on darker garments. Unless…

Water Based Discharge Inks: The Best of Both Worlds.

Discharge ink employs a chemical that removes dye from darker garments, resulting in a print with a very soft feel. When you “discharge” the dye from a garment, you’re creating an – almost – white base, in which water based inks can then be used to create a vibrant design. Remove the next line. While a discharged base can be used on garments of any color, it’s especially useful for darker colors, but is most effective on 100% cotton.

Water based inks can be used to print standard, oversized and jumbo designs. To learn more about using water based screen printing in your custom apparel project, start by requesting a custom quote from In Your Face Apparel!

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