Jumbo Belt Screen Print: Go Big or Go Home.

In times when standard, oversized, or even jumbo-sized screen prints aren’t big enough to satisfy your needs, jumbo belt printing is ready to come to the rescue. This method allows a design to completely cover the surface area of a garment. This effect is achieved by laying a garment out on a large belt and printing your design in a long line. Both the front and back of a garment can be printed for an all-over design.

Jumbo belt screen print can be done using water-based, plastisol, and specialty inks of all kinds and can be applied to virtually any fabric or garment type. Whether your project calls for the vibrant colors plastisol creates or the softness that water-based inks provide, you can still achieve your dream of creating a custom garment with a design that covers every square inch. Get started on your custom design today by requesting a quote from In Your Face Apparel!

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