Puff Embroidery: For Us, Embroidery is a Big Deal.

In Your Face Apparel has a team of expert embroiderers capable of weaving together designs from your wildest dreams. We’re capable of embellishing a variety of products using a computer-automated embroidery machine, allowing us to produce products quickly, accurately and efficiently. With top-of-the-line industrial machinery and the ability to problem solve on an industrial level, your designs can be as complex as your brand calls for.

A 3D Effect Without the Glasses.

When you really want a design to stand out – literally – puff embroidery is the candidate for the job. By using a foam underlining, puff embroidery is able to create a three dimensional effect on the surface of a product. This foam comes in a range of different widths and colors to accommodate an array of products and thread colors. Along with the foam, this technique can be done with most types of embroidery thread, though rayon or polyester thread is most typically used.

Puff embroidery works best for block or large, round shapes and letters. Limitations with this technique will vary due to product thickness and strength of threads. This is especially a factor when sewing really thick materials, but generally, our expert embroiderers can puff embroider most items such as hats, bags, jackets and more. If your logo or design needs that little extra oomph, you can get started today with a quote from IYFA.

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