Custom Tackle Twill: Win On and Off the Field.

Tackle twill embroidery is very similar to applique; it involves custom-cutting letters or designs from one material and embroidering it to another. This decorating method is most often used to embellish sports jackets, jerseys and athletic wear to give the designs a rugged, more dimensional finished look while still being able to handle the wear-and-tear of athletic play. Utilizing large cuts of fabric instead of thread, custom tackle twill embroidery is more cost-effective than other embroidery options while still producing a high quality garment.

We Always Make it in the (Embroidery) Hoop.

Tackle twill applique tends to be thicker and more durable than typical applique. In fact, once they are stitched around the edges, it’s extremely tough to remove after applying. The standard recommendation for this technique is one to two layers of fabric. For the design, we can use any typeface, numbers or shapes to create your custom design, but make you’re keeping thickness in mind. The sewing difficulty increases as the number of layers increases, especially for thicker garments, and the likelihood for thread frays and thread breaks increases with a thicker embellishment.

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