Jumbo Custom Screen Print: Big News? We Can Help With That.

Screen printing is one of the oldest forms of garment decoration. This method calls for a design to be replicated on a fine mesh in order to create a stencil. Ink is then forced through any unblocked areas of the mesh and onto the surface of the product being printed. This process only allows us to print one color at a time, so several screens are required to produce a multicolored design, a fact that often limits the size of a design to what we can reproduce on a screen. Luckily, we’ve got something big in store for you.

Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room.

Larger than our standard and oversized prints, jumbo custom screen prints cover the biggest area of a garment possible before we have to pull out the belt printer. With designs that can max out at 20 x 28 inches, you can really create something that packs a punch. In addition to the large size, we can utilize a variety of techniques, colors and specialty inks to create designs that meet your goals for branding, texture and style.

If you really want to turn some heads and start a conversation, go jumbo with IYFA’s custom screen print today. Request a custom quote to get started!

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