Screen Printing

With an abundance of techniques, inks, and placements to utilize, it’s no wonder why screen print is one of the most used and trusted forms of garment decorating. Our state-of-the-art facility located in Carrollton, Texas, uses automatic screen-printing presses to quickly and efficiently produce products. Our size allows us to handle high quantities that would otherwise overwhelm small print shops, all while under supervision from project managers working directly with the customers. This ensures quality results and enables creative solutions to be used for any complex projects.

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Choose your screen print style

The three most common types of screen print we produce are Plastisol, Water based, and Discharge. Each technique creates different results and is used situationally for each project.

Plastisol is without a doubt the most common form of screen printing. The material is made up of PVC particles suspended in a liquid plasticizer, resulting in a flexible and durable print. The ink is thick and opaque, producing vibrant colors even on the darkest garments. We offer plastisol printing in standard and jumbo sizes and are capable of belt printing full garments as well!

Water based ink is plastisol’s gentler counter-part. It is soft to the touch with almost zero noticeable surface height or texture. Water-based inks change the cotton fibers of a garment to a new color, in other words ‘dyeing’ the fabric. Because of this, water base is ideal for light colored, cotton garments in which the dye does not have to compete with the fabric to show. This technique is versatile and lends to creative design solutions such as vintage looks and more luxurious printed tees. Water based is also the most eco-friendly route of screen printing!

Discharge plays hand in hand with water based. As mentioned before, water base is a thinner dye and will not show well on dark garments. The solution to that is to combine it with a discharge additive. Discharge is mixed with water based inks, applied to the garment, and affectively removes the garment’s original dye while replacing it with the water based ink color. This results in a lightweight, breathable print with no added weight or surface texture.

Each technique offers different solutions for every project’s needs. A simple garment can be elevated to the next level by utilizing different techniques, in combination with creative artwork. Our in-house design team and screen-printing experts can help you create the highest quality product for your clients.

Dreaming of something more?

We have access to any specialty ink your client can think of. Some of our most popular unique processes include screen printed foil, puff print, metallic and glitter! The creativity does not end at the artwork. Utilize our specialty inks and wow your customer with our endless possibilities.

Foil Screen Print transfers are a great option when looking for a reflective surface on a shirt. The transfers are a metallic facing that is adhered to the shirt with clear adhesive ink that is screen printed on. Gold and silver come standard, but holographic and specialty requests can be made!

Puff print is a plastisol that has been mixed with a heat reactive foaming agent. The ink expands when exposed to high temperature heat, creating a puffy, marshmallow texture.

Metallic is eye catching and bold, thick and opaque ink used to create a metal surface look.

Glitter is the best way to bring sparkle into your design. A clear, hyper-glittered coat is printed on top of the colors in the design.

Limitless Capabilities

Your garments are never limited to just one technique. Combining screen printing methods with each other, or other decoration techniques such as embroidery and transfers can result in one-of-a-kind garments that are sure to wow.

The specifics

We offer standard, jumbo, and full coverage belt screen printing, and are fully capable of doing spot placements on neck labels, sleeves, and more.

Our presses allow for up to 10 colors, allowing for vibrant photo-realistic images.

Pricing is dependent upon quantity, technique, and placements.

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