Over 15 years ago In Your Face Apparel got its start specializing in rhinestones and other embellishment decorating. We are leaders in promotional apparel embellishing, with access to limitless techniques and capabilities. Our art team hand-plots designs to perfection and all transfers are applied in our Carrollton, Texas, facility by our expert decorating staff.

Eye-catching options

We have limitless embellishing decorations. Think you’ve got a difficult project? We can make it happen. Rhinestones, Rhinestuds, sublimated satin and hotfix glitter are just a few of our most common capabilities. Don’t limit yourself to just one technique; some of the most effective projects utilize multiple embellishing transfers to create show stopping looks!

Rhinestones are made of glass and cut to look like a diamond. Our rhinestones are extremely custom, arranged stone by stone in the design- unlike many processes which use a program to generate the layout. The resulting product is superior in design and quality. Rhinestones are prime choice for upscale and dazzling looks, such as in cheer, dance, and western wear.

you dream it, we make it!

We have a thick portfolio of ambitious projects and will excitedly take on a challenge. Take a look at a few more of our many embellishing techniques, but keep in mind we are not limited to what you see here!

Nailheads & Rhinestuds are similar to rhinestones, however, they are meant to mimic a metal look and wear well with distressed screen print, and other artwork with an urban feel.

Hotfix Glitter is done with a  glitter based plastic material that is cut to shape applied to the garment.

Faux Sequins & Sublimated Foil are custom decorated with color, sometimes through sublimation, and applied to the garment.

Pricing is dependent upon quantity, technique, and placements.

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