Dye sublimation is one of the newest and most innovative decoration techniques to come to the apparel industry. By utilizing heat to transfer dye directly to fabric, sublimation creates crisp, photo-realistic imagery in one clean step. There are no limitations with colors, sizing, or imagery, allowing even the most detailed artwork to be used!

Sublimation is done by digitally printing liquid gel ink onto large panels of parchment, then heat pressing the sheets directly onto the garment fabric. The heat and pressure bind the sublimation dyes at the molecular level onto the product. The result is a permanent, high resolution, full color print. This process is most effective on polyester materials but can be done on mixed fabrics to create different results.

Quick Solutions with Sublimation

Check out our Quick Turn Items done with sublimation in our Carrollton, Texas, facility. By printing directly on to garments that are already sewn together, we can produce projects efficiently and at very low quantities- as few as 12 pieces!

Cut-and-Sew Creations

Our Select Style Simple program primarily consists of cut and sew sublimated garments. In these cases, the fabric is sublimated before the garment pattern is cut and assembled. Our production is quick and our minimums the lowest in the industry!

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